Banana Azul Child Policy

Is Banana Azul Child-Family Friendly?

When we first opened Banana Azul, we thought we would just open our doors and see who came. We tried to offer a wide variety of services and facilities to be attractive to a large group of travellers, as most hotels do.
But as time went on we learned that our most satisfied and returning guests were singles and couples (both straight & LGBT) who enjoyed our small size, wide expanse of beach, uncrowded atmosphere and personal attention.

The guests who seemed to resonate best with our hotel were couples on romantic getaways, solo travellers exploring Costa Rica or looking for a quiet place to write/read/relax, friends travelling together, couples whose children were older, and they no longer vacationed with their parents.

We learned that trying to be everything to everyone was counterproductive and unsuccessful. So… we decided to specialize as a hotel for adults and therefore limit guests to those 16 years of age and older.

People looking for family-friendly facilities in our location might want to check out our neighbour, Puerto Viejo Club.

We thank you for your understanding.

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